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Dr. John S. McDonald specializes in Orofacial (Head and Neck) pain management in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Orofacial (Oral Pain, Facial Pain), Head and Neck Pain refers to pain arising from the hard and soft tissues of the mouth, jaws, face, head and neck. The diagnostic range for orofacial pain includes oral disease, temporomandibular disorders, headache, neurogenic (neuralgic or neuropathic) pain, musculoskeletal and psychophysiologic disorders as well as pain from cancer, infection, autoimmune disease and trauma.  Orofacial pain is largely mediated through the trigeminal system although input to the trigeminal pain system from superficial and deep tissues in the cervical neck provides the basis for referred pain to the oral and facial region from these sites.

Also, as pain felt in the ear(s) is common it should be noted that 50% or more of all patients with pain felt in their ear(s) are found by their physician or ear, nose and throat specialist to have a normal ear(s).  When this is the case the patient is experiencing what is called referred pain and one should look to the orofacial region as its likely, but certainly not only, source.
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